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Why I Create

I have spent my entire life dreaming, creating stories in my head, and fighting to bring those fantasies to life as fast as I possibly could, thus the attraction of photography. 

I love being able to capture a moment and preserve it. I love being able to bring out someone's best or capture a mood. 

My work is about challenging my audience and provoking deeper questions about our purpose and how we see the world. Sometimes my work is violent, brash, and overt. Sometimes I push boundaries to bring people together through debate and discussion.

I am happy to have my work act as Devil's Advocate if it helps someone ask questions that will make them try to live a fuller, deeper life.

I want us all to think, breathe, and feel in a time where most people are tethered to their technology and social media. I want us all to connect again and remember why we need each other.

I believe art is always the answer to a better world.