Liz LaPoint - 10 Years of Art & Love.

After years of photographing models I met Liz LaPoint in the Spring of 2010 and began photographing her on a weekly basis. I was so inspired by her beauty and intelligence that I declared my interest in basically capturing her beauty for the rest of my life, and though that might have seemed like an unlikely commitment, here we are 9 years later. 

During the course of our collaboration we fell in love, got married and started a family together. 

Liz was never really passionate about modeling, but is very passionate about expressing herself and making statements about the psychology of the world we live in. Our art became a statement on beauty, nudity, freedom, sexuality, among other things. 

Liz LaPoint is not just another pretty face, and is a woman who survived a brain tumor at 18 years old, has studied and worked hard her entire life. 

From our photography sessions, we branched out our projects to include Liz's blog The Naked Advice, her weekly YouTube show The Naked Advice with Liz LaPoint (2014-2016), and our podcast Happily Cinemarried. 

I started work with Liz wanting to capture her beauty and make her my muse, but she ended up capturing my heart and making me, hers. 

I have devoted my life to celebrating Liz LaPoint because she is the most complex and complete human being I have ever known. 

Some might see her as a free-spirited model, a knowledgeable advocate for sexuality and free expression, some might see her as a sex symbol and object of desire, while others have come to appreciate her humorous and insightful commentary on cinema through our podcast or as a gifted painter, but the truth is, Liz LaPoint is all of these things and more.

I see her as a smart, strong woman who has more heart and empathy than anyone I have ever known. She is a caring, kind and thoughtful mother, who has worked tirelessly to educate our son beyond his formal education and to give him the life we never had. I see a woman who never stops working to improve our lives and to help other people. I see a side of her too much of the world doesn't get to, and it is why I will never stop praising and promoting her.

Liz LaPoint's Official Site

Liz LaPoint is an accomplished painter, YouTuber, Blogger, Writer, Model and Podcaster. You can find her work, and links on her site.