Visual Storytelling

My interest in storytelling began in childhood with my love of comic books. I sketched and doodled non-stop. Eventually my love of telling stories transferred to motion picture work, and eventually photography. I now work to meld all of my skills into one blended method of visual narration.


The Body As Art

My entire life I have been fascinated with the human spirit and the physical shells that house our souls. I am drawn to contrasts, and love the exploration of physical movement and touch in relation to emotion.  My early fine art nude work was an appreciation of our natural forms, but as our society evolved and transitioned, my work explored what nudity in our culture means to different perspectives and how sexuality is still so profoundly fascinating.


My Experience

Born and raised in Northern Michigan, I launched myself into the unknown upon turning 18 and traveled the United States like a wandering seeker. I ping-ponged back and forth from the East Coast to the West Coast, and back again, before returning to Michigan. I have displayed my photography in gallery showings, created advertising campaigns which have appeared on billboards and print, and have created several photography books. I have worked almost exclusively with Model Liz LaPoint for over a decade. Liz started as my muse, but became my wife.

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