Happily Cinemarried

I grew up with two passions, movies and comic books, and in the battle for my entertainment consumption time, movies won in my adulthood. I spent the majority of my adult life managing video stores and working on making it in movies, and through countless screenplays, a half-hearted attempt at acting, and a handful of short films and experimental projects, my love of photography won my interest.

Now, I still love movies, but I love my wife Liz LaPoint even more, so it is only natural that we turn our endless slumber party into a podcast where we discuss our shared love of cinema. We aren't experts and we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we genuinely love discussing movies and the meaning of life with one another, and have really enjoyed producing this podcast, and we hope you will enjoy it too. 

You can find Happily Cinemarried wherever you prefer downloading podcasts, including iTunes and Spotify. And if you love us as much as we hope you do, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon!