The Chosen Nightmare - Extended Edition

2018 - A young woman wakes up naked and alone in an abandoned building, with no memory of how she got there. She must navigate through absolute evil to escape. Featuring Models Liz LaPoint and Luke Gardiner. Conceptual photo art graphic novel for adults only! Contains Nudity, Perilous Situations, and Adult Situations. Order "The Chosen Nightmare - Extended Edition" HERE!

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Eye of the Beholder

2015 - Featuring Model Liz LaPoint - The Story: A photographer meets a mysterious new model and has a psychedelic and spiritual awakening.

For nearly 7 years I have been creating art with my muse, Model & Writer Liz La Point of The Naked Advice blog & YouTube channel. This is our 1st work of graphic fiction. My new book collects several photo shoots from the past several years combined with a recent shoot to tie it all together.

The book is a response to censorship and is a statement on freedom, free speech and free expression. Order Here!


Summer Muse

From my session with new model, Sarah. This mix of fashion, fine art nudes, and portraits, highlights the beauty and complexity of a model's first sessions.

Adults Only. Contains Tasteful Fine Art Nudity. Order Here!


I Love Liz LaPoint

2014 - 5 Years of Photography featuring Model Liz LaPoint. A collection of my work with Model, Writer & Advice Blogger Liz La Point We began working together in 2010, fell in love, got married, and set a 5 Year end date to complete the project. Liz La Point has retired from modeling to finish her memoir and to work full time on her YouTube channel and her advice blog The Naked Advice, but we have 5 Years worth of art to be proud of. From the surreal, sexy, and simple, this book contains a sampling of our favorite sets, images and essays. Order Here.


I Love Liz LaPoint - Expanded Edition

2014 - 5 Years of Photography featuring Model Liz LaPoint. Celebrating the completion of my 5 Year Project, photographing my muse, Model, Writer & Advice Blogger Liz La Point, this book collects my favorite sets, images, and outtakes from our sessions. In 2010 Liz La Point and I began a weekly collaboration that turned into deep friendship, love, and marriage, and a 5 Year Project making art. Some sessions turned out edgy and raw, some sexy and erotic, some simple and beautiful, my goal was to capture and pay tribute to the woman I believe to be the most amazing and beautiful I have ever known. This book is my photographic love letter to Liz La Point. Order Here!



Sessions with Model Noelle Lauren. Over 100 images taken from my first sessions with model Noelle Lauren.

Noelle was a fine art and fashion model living in Los Angeles. She was quickly becoming one of the most sought after models in California when she gave up modeling to return to a quiet life in the midwest.

Noelle and I worked together for a handful of sessions over the course of a year for this book. Another volume of our work together titled "Noelle 2" is in the works.

This book collected our first several sessions together and marked a new direction for my photographic art.

18 and over... contains tasteful fine art nudity and celebrates the female form and the sensuality of the featured model. Order Here!